Knowledge is attained only by an inquisitor whose attributes such as gender, religion, region of origin, financial status, etc. are to bare no consequence on his or her worthiness of attaining knowledge.The motivation and attitude of the inquisitor does bare a significant consequence on how he or she uses their knowledge but, the end result […]

Art, science or religion and other matters pertaining to information are not entities that ought to be personified. Have you ever tried personifying a language?  Have you ever used a sentence like, “English tells us that verbing words weirds language”? Never the less I have heard the expressions, “science tells us that…” or “<insert religion name> tells us that…” […]

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If you follow this blog you know I enjoy Python. Many of my posts are Python related and this is a trend here. However, I’m not one of those fanboys that talk about technologies as religions. Most of the time I prefer to work on more dense and formal computing…

Ralph Adolphs [1] presents recent findings that provide neurological correlates of that type of human cognition which is required for social interaction while producing behavior that is relevant to social settings. The main focus within the field of social cognition has been in discerning typical versus atypical behavior by recording the emotional state of a […]

This article is about “how to” build a production workstation for audio/video, signal processing, machine learning and large data analysis projects  using open source software. I am currently working on a PC with Intel® Core™ i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz × 4, 7.7 GiB memory and 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Here is a very clear explanation for why […]

Three Axioms of Python Part I: List Comprehensions | The Root of Borscht.

I’ve used macports during this installation as it was more convenient for me. There are various installation guides for python-tesseract on the official website. Hopefully you already have xcode, apple-gcc, python, numpy and opencv installed. At the time of writing this, tesseract-ocr version was 3.01 (checked out revision 863) and python-tesseract version was 0.8-1.7 Step 1: Some […]

I found myself saying, “There has got to be  a better interactive development environment for python!” and then I discovered that there certainly are many but I’d prefer to use something that is seamless and is indeed free. So I found Eclipse with PyDev plugin. I started with python development after downloading my favorite python version, […]

dear gentle reader, you see, when we are convicted by our convictions we might feel a sense of solace and grounding afforded by the boundaries that we build using those convictions. the kinds of boundaries which weren’t available in the storm of conceptualizations. but! one could always be within the eye of a storm and […]

This was a talk I had given at the School of Management, Central University of Hyderabad on Jan 19th 2012. The two day seminar titled, “Sustainable Value Creation for Decent Work at The Base of The Pyramid” was hosted at Central University of Hyderabad in collaboration with Uniersitat Kassel, Germany.  The concept of “Bottom of Pyramid” […]

This essay focuses on, “Why do we even bother to communicate?” It also talks about the use of “language” as a mode of communication and few of language’s sociological implications. In my opinion what really sets us apart from all other animals as human beings is our ability to communicate incredibly extravagant and elaborate thoughts as well as our […]

You really, really want to listen to this interview in which David Weiss interviews Dana Grubbe and we get to hear some of the critical issues in hiring and maintaing an offshore team. Listening to this interview is especially important for people who wonder why jobs get shipped out of the US or Europe. Dana […]


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