This blog is about philosophy, math, science and technology oriented stuff. It’s also my salute to the internet people. I’ve been inspired by various blogs and forums that showcase people trying to deal with misadventures or challenges within their field of passion. Giving up on something just because of mistakes and challenges is an obvious sign […]

This article is inspired by Adrian’s blog at PyImageSearch. In one of his articles he asked about what drives me, what makes me want to be an “OpenCV Ninja” and perhaps recount the days about finding magic in coding. I started out in computer programming in the faithful year of 1999 during my 9th grade when I wanted to […]

proof that “top scientists” or “top economists” can be hopeless in simple arithmetic: The Economist posted this chart about the so called opportunity cost of watching a youtube video called Gangnam Style just in case somebody did not know what Gangnam Style is: The Economist’s graphic is misleading because the hours clocked in watching that video […]

Here are a list of steps to get you started on a Google Compute Engine with an instance of Ubuntu and to install Python and OpenCV for doing image processing on the cloud. GCE VM Instance sign up for Gmail goto and select “Billing” from the left hand menu, click on “New billing account” and add […]

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Research Enhancement Proposals (REP) are recommendations for improving the quality of research findings that can be distributed to the public for free. Its primary purpose is to make recommendations for sustaining meritorious research work by breaking up corrupt practices within various research communities.

* You can scroll easily and look up verses here along with various translations and tafsir: The grammar and verbiage in the Quran indicate to me that the warnings of misuse mostly pertain to Torah, Gospels and other “signs” sent to human beings during the era of the various Prophets. I observe that such misuse is still […]

empirical evidence is only available when measure theory is applicable and general relativity as well as other physical limitations impact how an observer (system) obtains any such ‘measures’ via any kind of ‘observation’. to find a measure of the impact of such theories on a particular observation, one needs to apply those theories recursively. at this […]

I have my interpretations of Karl Poppers work and definition of falsifiability (see also: Falsificationism)  but independent of my opinions and impressions on the subject matter I have found, more often than not, somebody force feeding me this statement which, for the sake of further discussion, I label Statement F: “A statement that is not falsifiable is not scientific” […]

Today I was removed from the Indo-Trento Advanced Research Program as a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Hyderabad and told to find a new PhD advisor for pointing out mistakes in a research paper which my advisor, Prof Bapi Raju, was prodding me to use as the basis of my research. Upon asking what […]

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If you follow this blog you know I enjoy Python. Many of my posts are Python related and this is a trend here. However, I’m not one of those fanboys that talk about technologies as religions. Most of the time I prefer to work on more dense and formal computing…


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