Researching Forgiveness

My comments on people’s blogs have the size of an article at times so I’m posting one here. This one is related to Justin Caouette‘s blog on Forgiveness: How does it work? (Unfortunately  there isn’t a proper way to link followup comments connecting multiple blogs.) i had given serious consideration to the notion of forgiveness during […]

Of Universities and Companies

Of Universities and Companies  January 20th, 2012 Part I Many universities all across the world have outlived governments, wars and even survived natural calamities. We can see a testament to their resilience, without naming any specific ones, in the innovative works of world renowned universities that are centuries old. Their sustainability is largely due to […]

Using OpenCV with Python on your Mac OS X

You are likely to be sorry if you casually started installing Python and OpenCV like me as documented here. You might have read stuff online and tired installing python26 or python27 as well as numpy and opencv using macports hoping that your py scripts will conveniently import cv Of course then you must have gotten stuck while […]


Futz |fətz| verb To idle around; waste time To deal with something in a trifling way To work on something for long hours and achieve little or nothing that is useful Usage: I have done a lot of futtsing in my lifetime and still am as I spend days troubleshooting things on my computer without […]

What can a robot perceive and conceive?

This article was inspired by The Petite Geek’s list of robotic chores. The realm of art seems to be ever expanding due to inspirations that living beings have and so the realm of science and belief end up expanding as well. So what about artificial intelligence? They are not living entities so can they be […]

Make Macports work behind proxy

I ended up struggling for months to get Macports to work and tried every installation method in but nothing worked. After drudging through numerous forums I finally discovered that sudo command “sanitizes” the shell environment and gets rid of the environment variables concerning proxy settings because of which commands like sudo port -d selfupdate […]