What can a robot perceive and conceive?

This article was inspired by The Petite Geek’s list of robotic chores.

The realm of art seems to be ever expanding due to inspirations that living beings have and so the realm of science and belief end up expanding as well.

So what about artificial intelligence? They are not living entities so can they be artists? Robots are computational devices and can thus be tasked to all chores discernable as science (a portion of art). So the list of what a robot can do is really limitless. Perhaps, robots could even make really brilliant artists and scientists one day. However, they haven’t yet done so because they are only as smart as their programers’ logical state of being. Also, they aren’t particularly good at independently forming a desire and exploring things whimsically.

A good artist and scientist must be whimsically curious and this requires the person to dwell in subject matter far from the conceptions of logical beings. A very large part of every human’s mind is preoccupied with a realm that is perpetually undefined and forever out of bounds with respect to science. Thereby, “the search” for meaning and truth and reality and things of that sort never ends.

So the whim to construct a robot that can formulate and act upon its desires rather than the desires of other’s is definitely a worth while search, I’d say, even if it might never end ^_^

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