Santa Claus is a communist

I just realized it… Santa Claus is definitely an advocate of communism. He happily gives away things to people regardless of their class and he doesn’t use the concept of money. Santa doesn’t pay his elves anything and the reindeers work for free as well. Santa’s workshop is most probably run by Mrs Santa but I don’t think […]

My take on open source

Knowledge is attained only by an inquisitor whose attributes such as gender, religion, region of origin, financial status, etc. are to bare no consequence on his or her worthiness of attaining knowledge.The motivation and attitude of the inquisitor does bare a significant consequence on how he or she uses their knowledge but, the end result […]

What is “not art”? Discusion on art, science and belief.

Art, science or religion and other matters pertaining to information are not entities that ought to be personified. Have you ever tried personifying a language?  Have you ever used a sentence like, “English tells us that verbing words weirds language”? Never the less I have heard the expressions, “science tells us that…” or “<insert religion name> tells us that…” […]