A Basic Belief

dear gentle reader,

you see, when we are convicted by our convictions we might feel a sense of solace and grounding afforded by the boundaries that we build using those convictions. the kinds of boundaries which weren’t available in the storm of conceptualizations.

but! one could always be within the eye of a storm and have a better understanding of all that is and isn’t available to human kind. one could always be the eye of the storm!

as such there really is a way to arrive at that level of specificity from where all generalities can be targeted while being at that level of generality from where all specificities can be targeted.

i would still erge you, dear reader, to not convict yourself with any particular set of convictions whether that set be derived from a theology or (so called) science or even esoteric mysticism.

have i now been convicted by the above conviction? i suppose i have been ^_^

ps: this belief was inspired by the following video:

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