Python development environment (Eclipse+PyDev)

I found myself saying, “There has got to be  a better interactive development environment for python!” and then I discovered that there certainly are many but I’d prefer to use something that is seamless and is indeed free.

So I found Eclipse with PyDev plugin.

I started with python development after downloading my favorite python version, setting it as the active python for my macports and downloading packages I am interested in which is documented in an earlier post:  Using OpenCV with Python on Mac OS X

But without a good IDE I was struggling to debug my codes and check for errors. I eventually downloaded Eclipse – the version for C and C++ development because the “classic Eclipse” did not come with the option for downloading from their “Marketplace”.

I then downloaded the PyDev plugin from the marketplace and went through the rest of PyDev manual on getting stated. You can also look at Lars Vogal’s help page on PyDev which also has some useful python tips.

And presto! Finally I can use autocomplete, breakpoints, refractoring and so many more things. Such things aren’t available in iPython yet and iPython isn’t helpful in managing source files for a project the way Eclipse+PyDev is.

In fact, given the way PyDev handles new projects, now I don’t feel like setting up and using virtual environments which are supposed to separate the different versions of python and their respective packages.

Thank you Fabio Zadrozny, you have truly made the world a better place!

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