Aspect-like abstractions and Python metaclasses

Python conquers the universe and makes you high

Rafael Barreto

If you follow this blog you know I enjoy Python. Many of my posts are Python related and this is a trend here. However, I’m not one of those fanboys that talk about technologies as religions. Most of the time I prefer to work on more dense and formal computing themes, like Machine Learning, and do not care much about specific technologies (despite being needed tools, they are ephemeral). And this is the very reason I REALLY enjoy Python =). It seems confusing, but makes complete sense to me. Because I like formal stuff, I prefer abstract to concrete. And Python is one of the few languages I know in which I can remain at a high level of abstract thinking while building concrete real world stuff. Let me demonstrate this abstraction power in a practical use case.

Consider the plug-in infrastructure I described in this previous post. Although…

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