This blog is about philosophy, math, science and technology. It’s also my salute to the internet people.

I’ve been inspired by various blogs and forums that showcase people trying to deal with misadventures or challenges within their field of passion. Giving up on something just because of mistakes and challenges is an obvious sign that one doesn’t truly appreciate that thing. So through a narration of my falls, retakes and misadventures in this blog I hope to continue to be engaged with the things I’m passionate about.

Even though this blog has rather esoteric and miserably serious sounding stuff, taking me seriously can be injurious to your health. Certainly, copying my mistakes is going to be a much worse thing to do. However, I understand if you are in your life’s “debug mode” and are trying to replicate mistakes (your own, mine and other people’s) to better understand this script called life.

This blog is based on my take on the concept of “open source”.

Internet People!

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