These are a series of articles on computer vision and using OpenCV via Python.

  1. Installing Python 2.7 and OpenCV 2.4 on Mac OS X Lion
  2. Display an image using OpenCV
  3. Apply threshold filter on an image with OpenCV
  4. Python development using Eclipse + PyDev
  5. Installing python-tesseract on Mac OS X Lion

One thought on “Python+OpenCV

  1. Hi Sameer,

    I am working on opencv face dertection. I found on stack exchange that you have clear understanding of LBP based face detection. I want to understand that. And so far I could not understand the algorithm clearly. How the feature xml is used, how nodes are used, what is nodes, what is leaves in the xml, what is trees. I do not understand these things. Could you please help me on these? or can you direct me to someone or some papers that can help understanding these? I found some papers but they are on very high level overview. I want a deep understanding. Thanks. Mainul

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